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LispMe demo This page is dedicated to LispMe, the Scheme system developed by me, Fred Bayer, for PalmOS powered PDAs.


08.08.2008: Final Version 3.22 released

This is the final version of LispMe, there is no further development. Sadly, PalmOS is dead, RIP.
  • Named let
  • do rebinds instead of assigning

16.01.2004: Version 3.21 released

  • Fix memo close bug
  • Added PalmReader doc

15.12.2003: Version 3.2 released

  • PalmOS5 compatibility
  • Double (128k) heap size
  • Care for the API changes in HandBase from V2 to V3
  • Virtual File System support
  • Minor enhancements and fixes


Current V3.22 executables and docs (530 kByte) V3.22 source code and docs (750 kByte)
PalmOS2 compatible V2.8 executables and docs (278 kByte) V2.8 source code and docs (371 kByte)
PalmOS1 compatible V2.3 executables and docs (218 kByte) not available



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