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LispMe Palm database interface

To access Palm databases, LispMe uses a foreign type FT_DBREF encapsulating the PalmOS type DmOpenRef. Those databases are automatically closed when leaving LispMe and reopened when starting LispMe again (this is done by the pickling mechanism of foreign types).

There are two different kind of databases:

PalmOS uses 32 values written as 4 characters for several types like resource type, creator id, and db type. Since LispMe doesn't support 32 bit integers nor wide character literals, it uses strings of length 4 instead.

Please consult the Palm API documentation for more details. LispMe wraps the most important API calls of the data and resource manager, if you need more feel free to contact me.

Associated language elements

*resdb* dbref? dm-archive-rec dm-close-db dm-create-db
dm-db-info dm-db-size dm-db-list dm-delete-db dm-delete-rec
dm-get-rec-attr dm-insert-rec dm-insert-rsrc dm-num-recs dm-open-db
dm-read-rec dm-read-rsrc dm-remove-rec dm-remove-rsrc dm-rsrc-db?
dm-set-rec-attr dm-update-rec dm-update-rsrc