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Parentheses Hack

Hack Info Screen This little hack solves a problem that several people had reported: Entering non-trivial programs is troublesome as you can get lost in Lots of Irritating Silly Parentheses. Parentheses Hack tries to remedy this problem by highlighting the matching opening parenthesis when entering a closing one. Additionally it can match parentheses in existing code.

This works both in the LispMe input field and in MemoPad (that's the reason it's written as a hack!), and in fact in any Pilot application using entryfields.

Parentheses Hack knows LispMe's syntax and won't be fooled by parentheses in strings, comments or character constants it encounters when searching the matching one. It will simply beep when trying to match a parenthesis in a comment or string.

Hacks and PalmOS5

Unfortunately, PalmOS5 doesn't support hacks anymore. To remedy this situation, LispMe now includes an option in the Global Settings dialog for matching parens within LispMe itself, just like Parentheses Hack. Of course, this means that matching will work with LispMe's internal editor only, and no more with an external editor.